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My draw !

I also write.... in french uu"

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A collection of a very nice pictures ! ^^




Troll Adoptable CLOSED by V-P-aurore-star
Troll Adoptable CLOSED
EDIT 2: I did a spring cleaning on who adopted and if they did theirs shit and I got to figure out who took who and who are still availible. I also took out #11 and #12 to myself because they are too cute
EDIT: they are CLOSED

Troll adoptable! :D Each of them were inspired by the Chinease Zodiac (who they were isnpired by is written on theirs description), as I wanted to work with it but I doesn't wanted to keep another 12 troll with me. Two of them is colored with markets during school and theirs hair and shirt isn't black I know ._. But they ARE supposed to be black, use your imagination for it! D:

Also, none of them have a given symbol, so be free of creating one of your choice! ^u^

But, before I can list them and theirs prize, you need the rules:
- No resell (but you can give it to someone else as a gift!)
- Not all of them have a gender confirmed, so feel free to chose it if it's unconfirmed
- First come, first serve
- If you can't pay, I can give a discount or do a trade or something like that! Just ask me if this is the case
- Love your new troll :3

1: A unknow blooded troll of a unconfirmed gender. It was inspired by the Cat (The cat was the unchoosen animal by the chinease zodiac. The rat is almost always the one that fool him and make him unable to be a animal of the Chinease zodiac because of that Q_Q) It's 15 points
CLOSED, ADOPTED BY :iconlady-scissors:
2: A rust red blooded female. She's a great stealer and she's really smart and ressourcefull. (she also can mess up computers and electronic object as her power to left her unseen when she steal in a camera-protected hive) She was inspired by the Rat. She's 15 :points: CLOSED, I TAKE HER ;u;
  3: a Bronze blooded male. He's physically strong and he's too kind with everyone, even when he tries not to be for his own sake (It could be his fatal flaw and I easilly see him being culled or seriously injured later in his life because of that) He was inspired by the Ox. he's 15 :points: CLOSED
4: A Yellow Blooded female. She have strong psyconic and she's really spiritual. She was inspired by the Tiger. She's 10 :points: ADOPTED BY :iconcianatherabbit:
5: A Olive blooded female. She have a really good hearing and she's a introvert that prefer being alone in her hive at the middle of a forest. She was inspired by the Rabbit. She's 15 points ADOPTED BY :icondani911:
6: A Jade blooded male (YEAH, I know they are almost no-existant... but it came out that it's a dude ._.") He's a calculating and cold-hearted troll that can manipulate the others with ease (except the Rat girl if you also adopt her with him). He's inspired by the snake. He's 15 :points: CLOSED
7: A teal blooded female. She live for parties and is always joyfull and full of live.... except when she break down and tries to kill you in a psycopath fit. (this outfit is never wore outside of her hive)" She's inspired by the Dragon. She's 15 points  CLOSED
8: A Celurean blooded of an unconfirmed gender. It's a hard working person that is anxious about it's unfilled quadrant. it's It's inspired by the Horse. It's 15:points: CLOSED
9: An Indigo blooded of a unconfirmed gender. It's a very curious fellow that LOVE to be outside of it's hive and exploring the world. It's inspired by the Monkey. It's 15 :points: ADOPTED BY :iconcianatherabbit:
10: A Purple blooded female. She's....sane for a purple blooded troll. She's also really religious and if you dare mock it, you. will. DIE. She's inspired by the Rooster. She's 15 points CLOSED, ADOPTED BY :icondani911:
11: A violet blooded male. He's a loyal seadweller and he seek for justice and honesty. He's inspired by the Dog. He's 15 :points: CLOSED I CLAIM HIM
12: A Tyran Purple female. She's a collected and calm girl that is pretty smart and prefer to read books than anything else. She's kind of a smartass sometimes. She's inspired by the pig. She's 15 :points: CLOSED I CLAIM HER

Trolls(c) Andrew Hussie
Test by V-P-aurore-star
A test to see if the submit deviation work with the app

Since that i downloaded the app, i may as well use it to submit drawings in the future

I drew this during the summer btw
Rei by V-P-aurore-star
This is a picture of Rei from Persona Q that I drew with my 3ds.
Honestly she's such a cutie pie I love her

Honestly if you like the Persona series, you should give Persona Q a try. If you haven't played the Persona series yet, now's the time to check it out
45 seconds Pokedraw Gengar by V-P-aurore-star
45 seconds Pokedraw Gengar
the ONLY reason why I putted the deviation as a Mature Content is because I drew the Gengar giving the finger as a way to humour myself while the 45 seconds I had to draw it

So basically there's a site named Pokedraw where you have 45 seconds to draw a random pokemon and this was the only good-looking one I managed to make, so I wanted to share with everyone the beauty of it

You can access it here:

I also already posted it on another site and the reason I also posted it here is because of the discussion I had today with :icongamer-princess7: on Skype over the fact that she seriously wishes I come back here

I'm thinking seriouly of doing it, so you'll porbably get actual art sometime soon (I hope)

(Maybe) see you all soon!
hi I'm still alive


V-P-aurore-star has started a donation pool!
576 / 1,000
:iconpointsstamp1::iconpointsstamp2:Points Commissions Stamp by HornedStormI HRT to Get Commissions! by Drache-Lehre

Thank you very much for every people who give me some point !

And.... I take point comission ^^

You must send to me a note with what you want (you MUST be clear about what you want, like: I want a chibi lineart of *****) and if you take an addition (adding a characther, if you want the characther to hold something...) After that, wait until I anwser you ^^ I DON'T do the comission useless I'm paid


- Sketch: 10 :points:
- Lineart: 13 :points:
- Color:
Colored pencil: 25 :points:
Market: 20 :points:

- Sketch: 12 :points:
- Lineart: 15 :points:
- Color:
Colored pencil: 27 :points:
Market: 22 :points:

Characther Desing:
- From an existing series: 25 :points:
- Completly original: 30 :points:

- Adding a characther (limit of 4 characther in a commission): 5 :points: each
- holding a object: 2-6 :points: (It depends of what)
- adding a cute little animal-like characther (like a cute little mascot :3): 3 :points:
Thing I CAN'T draw
- Blood
- Couples (Because I suck too much at couple for people "pay" me to draw it)
- Nudity
- Hate art
- Muscular people
- Hentai

I can refuse the comission if I feel that I can't do it ^^

You must be logged in to donate.


Little girl
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Okay so hi I'm v-p-aurore-star I'm 15 and this is my gallery okay I'll write something better soon!
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