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Star Fragment and a Dark hole by V-P-aurore-star Star Fragment and a Dark hole by V-P-aurore-star
Theses are Star Fragment a Dark hole

The Star fragment is little very special star. When the 50 of them are together, they can bring up miracles. They are vital to the balance of the Balance Meteorite, as theirs power were used to seal away Dark mass in it. They are keeped in the Star Catcher for protection mesure. When they are taked out of the Star catch alone, they can bring little miracles.

The miracles can be separated intro three category: Luck, Fortune and Magic. The luck one is basically .... bringing luck to the user. The second one, Fortune, is creating magical item or put magic in one (The object or the magic dissapear when the Star Fragment is brought back in the Star catch, so they need it out the whole time they need that magic item/ the magic added in a item). The last one, Magic, is small power-up given for a limited time (like wings or being stronger). They can go in the Star light and offer greater power to it.

Dark Holes are darken Star fragment. They get darkened by The Dark Star with theirs power (and a stupid incarnation phrase) and get purified by the Pretty Cures Finishing Attack. They can get stored in the Hole catch. When darkered, they possess a nearby object and they keep possesing it as long as they aren't put by force in the Hole catch or purified. When all of the 50 Star Fragment are darken and put in the Dark Hole, it can unseal Dark Mass (Because of the importance of the Star Fragment power in his seal)

The phrase used to possess a Star fragment:
- Nebula: Star Fragment, black veil!
- Moon: Star fragment, absorption of shadow!
- Night: Star Fragment, Night's up!
- Sunset: Star Fragment, Dark night's up!
- White Dwaft: Star Fragment: Winter Night's up!

Special- Nebula's one for awaking Dark Mass: Dark Hole, Use your power to unseal the master of the shadow and bring the world intro the stade he want it to be!
Aso-Designer Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
c'est mimi!
V-P-aurore-star Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
merci :3
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